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Cafetto N10 Cleaning Tablets

Cafetto N10 Cleaning Tablets

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36 SAR
VAT Included
  • High Performance
  • Targeted Dissolution Time
  • Safe for Your Machine
  • Quality Ingredients



Cafetto Simonelli N10 Coffee Machine Micro Cleaning Tablets are designed to keep your espresso machine clean and hygienic. They safely and effectively remove coffee oils and residue which can help to prevent breakdowns and avoid costly repair bills. A clean machine will produce the best possible quality coffee.

  • Micro cleaning tablets that remove coffee fats and residues from your coffee machine.
  • N10 tablets have been formulated to dissolve in automatic cleaning cycles to provide optimal cleaning performance.
  • These high performance tablets are highly effective while being non-corrosive.
  • Regular cleaning can help to prevent breakdowns and also assist in avoiding costly repairs.
  • N10 tablets contain only pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients.
  • A pack of 50 micro cleaning tablets.

Simple to use - just insert one tablet into the machine's cleaning tablet opening and follow the instructions provided by the machine manufacturer.

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