ECM Knock Box Stainless Steel Drawer

ECM Knock Box Stainless Steel Drawer

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549 SAR
  • Comfortably Movable Drawer
  • High Quality Materials
  • Keeps Out Smell
  • Disposing Coffee Pucks


The drawer style knock box helps home baristas to keep the mess in control when they knock out their used coffee puck.

Home baristas can also sweep coffee remnants from the machine placed on top, to the drawer conveniently.

After a day, the puck may oxidize and develop an unpleasant coffee smell. The drawer can help to keep the odour within the drawer.

  • Premium grade brushed stainless steel finish knock box.
  • Wrapped stainless steel, smooth finish with soft edges.
  • Knock bar housing is extremely secure.
  • Seat your grinder on top of this knock box without the grinder tray. You can then simply sweep any loose coffee grounds through the holes and into the drawer.
  • Emblazoned with the ECM logo.

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