Tiamo Hand Coffee Grinder Ceramic

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132 SAR
VAT Included
  • Sleek, New Look
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Ceramic Conical Burr
  • Compact, Space Saving


Need coffee on-the-go? Don't wait for the coffee maker to make it, manually grind those coffee beans with this portable Tiamo hand coffee grinder. Tiamo hand ceramic burr coffee grinder always delivers an even grind without clumping, clogging or leaving chunks of beans behind. Your french press or Tiamo coffee dripper will be happy for this awesome coffee bean grinder. Also a premium quality spice mill for chia, grains, salts. This ceramic conical burr hand coffee grinder won’t let you down. It is high quality adjustable coffee grinder.

  • Ceramic burr grinding mechanism: Since ceramic is chemically inert, it can’t alter the taste of the coffee, resulting in fresh, flavorful and pure results.
  • Adjustable grind: Tighten or loosen for fine to coarse grinds.
  • A conical burr design, so it can do a range of grinds from espresso to a passable French press grind even Turkish coffee.
  • Rust proof: The advanced ceramic mechanism and the stainless steel body is non-reactive and will never rust.
  • Finish of the body gives the hand grinder a sleek look.
  • With a rubber sleeve for maximum grip when grinding.
  • A detachable handle to grind coffee anywhere you go, guaranteed portable coffee.
  • Travel - take it with you! Camping, boating, picnics, show your coffee love with a fresh grind.

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