ECM Automatik 64 Grinder

ECM Automatik 64 Grinder

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2,856 SAR
  • Fine Grinds for Espresso
  • Stainless Steel Burr
  • Programmable Timed Grinding
  • Elegant, High Standard Design


Where most espresso grinder companies fail is appearance. Some grinders can be downright ugly. ECM not only focused on performance with the Automatik 64 but appearance as well. Partnering with decorated designers, Automatik 64 has created a true beauty. A doserless grinder, the Automatik 64 features stepless adjustment in addition to it's beautiful lines and curves. Complete with a timer, you can preset your grind or grind manually for your preferred dose.

Ideal in a home or light commercial setting, the ECM Automatik 64 grinder contains dimensions favorable to any kitchen or café.



Stepless Adjustment - Stepless adjustments allows the user to fine tune your grind simply by turning a knob as you please. Adjust your grind from coarse to fine with the turn of a dial. Its as simple as that. No tools required.

64mm Burrs - Stainless steel burrs are the standard when a quality grind is desired. 64mm burrs will keep this grinder working hard without overheating while creating a flawless grind all at the same time.

Programmable Timed Grinding - Program your ECM Automatik 64 to grind for the perfect amount of grounds for a single or double shot. Then, simply touch the single or double shot button and sit back - the Automatik 64 will take it from there.


Vented Housing - The Automatik 64 is endowed with the same stately elegance of ECM's home espresso machines, making it the perfect companion for any of them. The vented body design promotes better heat release from the motor to keep the grinder cooler while operating.

Quantity Counter - Using the programming menu, you can review how much coffee you've ground. The counter keeps track of each shot ground with double shots counting twice. When accessing the counter, through the menu the display will first display 1000's and then 100's.

Infinite Grind Settings - The Automatik 64 features stepless grind adjustment using a worm gear which allows for an infinite number of potential grind settings.




Product Details

Stainless Steel
Depth (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
Frequency (Hz)
60, 50
Hopper Capacity (kg)
Burr Diameter (mm)
Burr Shape
Burr Material
Stainless Steel


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