Ananas Roastery Ethiopian Meliha Coffee Beans 250g

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72.45 SAR
VAT Included
VAT Included
Delivery in DMM, RUH or JED between 06 February - 09 February
Delivery in other cities between 08 February - 13 February
  • Whole beans
  • 250g
  • Natural process
  • Region: Ethiopia - Sidamo Shentawane 
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • 2200 msl
  • Red Fruits notes 
  • Filter, Espresso and milk based friendly.  Ananas recommends using a professional espresso machine for a unique
  • experience
  • Suggested recipe (V60): Temperature 90, amount of water 250 ml, the weight of coffee 15g, final time 2:30
  • Suggested recipe (Espresso): temperature 90 the weight of coffee18g, extraction 36 ml, preparation time 33 seconds, pressure 9 bar 
  • Suggested recipe (Espresso for milk drinks): temperature 90, the weight of coffee18g, extraction 30 ml, preparation time 28 seconds, pressure 9 bar


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