Hasbean Red Jail Break Coffee Beans 250g

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  • Whole Bean
  • 250g
  • Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, Cocoa, Apricot Jam


This is Jailbreak, our red blend. It focuses on sweetness, balance, and clarity, while also being easy and super forgiving to work with.

Our range of coffees here at Hasbean changes with the seasons, so throughout the year different coffees come and go. We update our blends as this happens to reflect that seasonality. The coffees in this season’s Jailbreak are:

  • 40% Costa Rica Sumava Finca Monte Llano Bonito
  • 30% Bolivia Don Carlos Washed Bourbon
  • 30% Brazil Carmo Estate Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon

In the cup, you immediately get brown sugar that mixes beautifully with cocoa. After that, there's a shift towards hazelnut with a yellow fruit sweetness which reminds us of apricot jam.

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250 g
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Chocolate & Sweet


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