Hario V60 Filters for the 02 Dripper

Hario V60 Filters for the 02 Dripper

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20 SAR
  • %100 Biodegradable
  • Capacity of 2 to 4 Cups
  • Pack of 100 Hario Filters
  • Made in Japan


The Hario V60 Filters, 100 Filters/Pack are a great addition to any coffee maker setup. They are a fine choice for anyone who owns a Hario V60 02 Dripper. This package consists of a hundred filters that are identical to each other. Each filter is made from top drawer filter paper that serves to lend it selective permeability, so that liquid coffee passes through, but bitter oils and sediments are trapped. The Commercial Coffee Filters from Hario exactly fits in your Hario V60 02 dripper, and are white in color. Each filter has a design that ensures it does not get displaced during use.

  • Well packaged 02 size filters fit into V60 dripper superbly.
  • The white paper filters help to extract the coffee saturate from the coffee grounds by allowing the air to escape.
  • Specially designed paper filters that prevent sediment and excessive oils from ruining your cup of coffee giving you better flavor on your coffee.
  • The filters are bonded without using any chemicals or glues.
  • Eco-friendly so it is easy to dispose.

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